OM Trio - Pummeling Angle (2016)


Defunct San Francisco-based electric jazz-rock band OM Trio has revealed an upcoming archival live DVD release. The 2-DVD set entitled Pummeling Angle comes out this Friday, December 9. OM Trio members Ilya Stemkovsky, Brian Felix and Pete Novembre dug into their video vault to curate the nearly eight hours of live performances mixed with scenes from the road and in the studio. Recorded in the years preceding their 2004 breakup, included in the live concert footage are guest appearances by members of Umphrey’s McGee, guitarist David “Fuze” Fiuczynski and others.

From Modern Drummer:

An all-access pass to tour vans, cheap motels, festival stages, and the fruits and frustrations inherent in being a traveling band. OM Trio was never as much about the notes as the vibe—really more of an instrumental trance-dub dance band than a “fusion” group. These eight hours of footage taken between 2000 and 2008 provide ample proof of the group’s commitment to its music, and of the groove-making prowess of Ilya Stemkovsky. The drummer (and regular MDcontributor) is equally attentive to drive and dynamics, while also open-minded and creative; he’s often the instigator as well as the generator. OM Trio got tight, developed great trust, and—as heard in the various versions of “24 Hours to New Orleans” here, from the High Sierra Festival, Tribeka Rock Club, 32 Bleu, and the Alley—worked hard to keep evolving. (Slim Trim) - Robin Tolleson

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OM Trio - Globalpositioningrecord (2003)

Washington Post Review: 

Sunday, August 24, 2003; Page N02


OM Trio

OM Trio is a Medeski, Martin & Wood that rawks. Here's a keys-bass-drums trio that brazenly stomps into concerts playing a Rage Against the Machine cover, then closes with a charging, irony-free version of Guns N'Roses' "Paradise City" as fist-waving fans scream the chorus. Hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, OM Trio pumps out "elevator music for headbangers," a brand of electric jazz that relies on dynamics, rhythmic drive and melodic mischief. On the band's fifth album, keyboardist Brian Felix, bassist Pete Novembre and drummer Ilya Stemkovsky concoct trippy, deadly-infectious studio bursts: Most songs are two to four minutes long, guided by Felix's reverberating, space-alien organ.There's a sonic cohesiveness, whether OM Trio is kicking out sinewy funk, oozing hypnotic trance or dabbling in minimalist atmospherics. When the ambient groove of "(Hedd)" is followed seamlessly by the cranium-crusher "Drop Q" (aided by a dirty-good guest guitarist), your lip instinctively curls into a "man-this-is-so-wicked!" snarl.The molten core of OM Trio is its relentless, blue-collar rhythm section: Novembre's evil bass lines (and possessed-by-Lucifer stare) and Stemkovsky's drum assault (and soaked System of a Down T-shirt). The album winds down with a hidden-track cover of Living Colour's "Cult of Personality," augmented by showy bursts of chop-shop jazz fusion. For the uninitiated, that's a taste of OM Trio's improv-heavy live shows: Paradise city, indeed.-- Michael Deeds

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As a leader/co-leader:

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As a sideman/producer:

Wait For Me, Felix (2012) (producer, keyboardist)

Redline Grooves, Pete Carney, Loopjazz Music (2006) (keyboardist)

Felix…Finally, Felix, Slimtrim Records (2005) (producer, keyboardist)

Only A Dream, Ernie Hendrickson and the Make Believe (2004) (keyboardist)

Glazed Popems, Mushroom, Black Beauty Records (2004) (keyboardist)